3. This is the greatest sporting event of All Time.

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  4. Anonymous said: Are you going to play Hatoful Boyfriend when it gets released on steam?


    A number of people have asked about this, but that kind of surprises me. I thought everyone knew what this game was about. The bird thing is funny when you first see it, not knowing what the game is, but I figure everyone knows about that.

    There’s more to it than the initial joke. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say Hatoful Boyfriend is a lighthearted dating sim the way Adventure Time is a lighthearted children’s cartoon.

  5. "This is how Yahtzee walks after he’s gotten laid. I’ve seen it."

  6. "That wasn’t a bug; it was art!"

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  9. If it wasn’t obvious I suck at captioning before…

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  12. "This is a little something called Flappy Bird!"

    "Don’t make me live tweet this!"

    "Not Apple’s best commercial."

    "That really is the power of the iPhone 6."

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